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I'm test-driving the Pro version, as well as using the iSpring Free version on another computer.I have encountered problems with regular powerpoint hyperlinks not converting into links at all in the swf file produced with both versions of iSpring. A competitor product from Wondershare converts the same ppt file properly, retaining the hyperlinks.I have searched this forum and found such problems reported earlier,eg. in viewtopic.php?t=6 . My problem really looks the same as that ealier one, and I'm using MS Office 2003 Pro. And I have tested my files online, as well, so it's not an issue with Adobe security settings; in fact, the swf file does have the links erased whatsoever - there is no underlining or anything on the hyperlink text. The links are, apparently, gone.I'll be happy to know if I can submit my files for scrutiny as suggested under the link above, and grateful for any assistence with this. Thanks in advance.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

https://community.ispringsolutions.com/ ... f=2&t=2309
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Hello and thank you for your post!

To better assist you, please submit a ticket with our support team at support@ispringsolutions.com

Please add your license number to your message.

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